Golden Orchard: Oregon's finest peaches, berries and honey

Golden Orchard's great selection of all-natural fruit spreadsSince 1843, six generations of our family have farmed in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Golden Orchard, located on the gentle south slopes of the Tualatin Mountains, produces a distinctive collection of gourmet peach preserves.

Low-sugar Peach Butter is a light, aromatic blend of the sweetest peaches and the freshest spices. Peach Marmalade is PEACHES with a delicate zest of savory oranges. We also make two delightful berry preserves. Seedless Marionberry Preserves is Oregon's plumpest vine-ripened blackberries picked at their peak of flavor. Seedless Red Raspberry Preserves is a taste of sun-warmed fruit plucked ripe from the vine.

Golden Orchard Cinnamon Creamed HoneyOur deliciously smooth creamed honeys contain only domestic honey and natural fruit or spices. These naturally delicious spreads are available in four flavors: Cinnamon, Golden Peach, seedless Marionberry and seedless Red Raspberry.

Our low-sugar Pepper Jelly and fat-free/salt-free Jalapeño Marinade are a little sweet with a little heat.

Some of these recipes have been in our family for over a century, others are new. The preserves are beautifully packaged in 5.3 oz and 12 oz. jars; the creamed honeys in 6.5 oz. and 12.5 oz. jars; the Pepper Jelly in 5.3 oz. and 12 oz. jars; and the Jalapeño Marinade in 16 oz. bottles. We also offer a variety of gift packs.