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Golden Orchard makes Pepper Jelly and Jalapeno MarinadeOur low-sugar Pepper Jelly and fat-free/salt-free Jalapeño Marinade are a little sweet with a little heat.

Golden Orchard Pepper Jelly is low-sugar and high-tasteGolden Orchard Pepper Jelly is low-sugar and high-taste.

Give your morning bagel a bit of a bite: Top your cream cheese with Pepper Jelly.

Golden Orchard Jalapeno Marinade is fat-free and suger-freeOur sweet-n-spicy Jalapeño Marinade is fat-free and suger-free.

Stir a couple of tablespoons of Jalapeño Marinade into your stir-fry, or use as a cooking sauce for your favorite meats.