Creamed Honey

Golden Orchard Delicious Creamed HoneyOur deliciously smooth creamed honeys contain only domestic honey and natural fruit or spices. These naturally delicious spreads are available in four flavors. We feature our Original Creamed Honey in all its natural goodness.

Golden Orchard's fragrant Peach Creamed HoneyTry our Golden Peach creamed honey for a fragrant taste of sweetness.

Golden Orchard's Marionberry HoneySeedless and sweet, our Marionberry Creamed Honey has the rich flavor of Oregon's original berry.

Golden Orchard's Raspberry HoneyRaspberry Creamed Honey is fragrant and rich (and seedless).

Golden Orchard's Cinnamon HoneyPerfect for your morning toast, our Cinnamon Creamed Honey with the spicy aromas of cinnamon.

Like a little honey in your tea? Cinnamon Creamed Honey gives both sweetness and a bit of zing!